Street Uni X

Classic EXTREME action sports at their best: on ONE WHEEL! Perform unicycle stunts and combos with style, smashing goals, unlocking new levels, characters, cheats, and more! Featuring REAL unicycle pros, REAL unicycle tricks, REAL underground jams, and REAL retro play that begs for one more run!


STREET UNI X is a hardcore authentic retro-callback to the extreme sports games that took over everyone's mind during the cusp of the new millennium. Fuelled by a passion for this era of gaming, and an obsession with the burgeoning sport of street unicycling, daffodil & friends have crafted STREET UNI X to cater to classic video game fans and unicycling aficionados alike!

With unique controls that capture the nuanced capabilities of unicycling, alongside the nostalgic goal oriented gameplay rush of video games past, STREET UNI X is guaranteed to leave you at the edge of your seat and wall-tapping to your next grind!


  • The world's first authentic street unicycling video game! Taking the sport as seriously as the pros with expressive keyboard/gamepad controls and infectious energy!
  • Join the ranks of contemporary pro unicyclists! Hop, grind, wall-tap, footplant, and twist your way through a full career mode with several unlockable riders!
  • Fresh retro looks! Real-life inspired spots transformed into yester-console playgrounds for you to explore and combo your way to unlocking secrets!
  • Off the rails tracks! Featuring horn-fuelled ska bops and powered up punk bangers from your new favorite bands will keep you humming to yourself and bobbing to the beat!
  • No unicycling experience required! Learn how to ride a virtual unicycle that will have you up and rolling in no time, even if you question reality itself!



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About daffodil & friends

daffodil & friends is the gaming label of daffodil jenx and their collaborators. Working from a common framework of inclusivity and non-exploitation, daffodil & friends came together, including Brodie Anderson-Pilon (environment and prop artist) and Jesse Cramer (sound design), to develop Street Uni X.

About daffodil

daffodil Jenx is a non-binary, multidisciplinary artist and athlete. They combine street sports, clowning, music-making, and game development into a truly unique personal style that celebrates our collective differences while always ensuring visibility on those marginalized from creative and tech spaces.

daffodil became a Gamma Space community in 2022 as a Baby Ghost, a participant in Weird Ghosts x Gamma Space Peer Accelerator. They later became a full Gamma Space member in 2023, where they have been contributing to the community not only through their game design and programming expertise, but as a valued part of all social activities.

Gamma Space Publishing

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Our not-for-profit model encourages a regenerative approach to community support that includes funding, project management, audience development, and platform support.

Our first games include Rocket Adrift's Psychroma and daffodil & friends' Street Uni X. For media inquiries, please contact us via