Gamma Space, once a thriving events hub and coworking space for indie devs in Toronto's downtown West Queen West neighborhood, has transformed over the last year to a not-for-profit, distributed member co-op. We are a group of game developers, artists, and creative technologists dedicated to exploring more community-led, collectively prosperous ways to care for, support and raise each other up.

Since 2012, we’ve been making space for those who have been marginalized from tech spaces – now we’re working together to redefine equitable creative practices and shared value for our efforts.

We’ll be sharing more information about how you can get involved soon.

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Baby Ghosts

Peer Accelerator


Baby Ghosts, a partnership between Weird Ghosts and Gamma Space, is a 4-month program aimed at supporting emerging underrepresented founders and studios through the process of developing a demo, identifying and solving studio development pain points, and addressing the challenges of the “three Ps”: Product, Production, and Pitching.

  • Storytelling training: Teams are supported in developing writing and presenting competencies for reporting (internal) and marketing (external).
  • Professional development: Founders and teams are coached through studio development milestones.
  • Financial support: Founders and/or studios receive an unrestricted grant of $20,000 from Weird Ghosts.
  • Community support: Teams can tap into an engaged group of founders, developers and artists for peer mentorship and skill development.

Coordinated by Gamma Space Hyades node: datejie cheko green, kaitlyn dougon, bryan depuy and Henry Faber

And Weird Ghosts: Eileen Mary Holowka and Jennie Robinson Faber

With support from Ontario Creates.

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About Weird Ghosts

Weird Ghosts is an impact fund aimed at supporting game studios led by underrepresented founders across Canada. We support studios with grants, catalytic investments, and community in order to build strong, impactful teams of underrepresented makers who are shaping the future of games.

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